Category: Spoxel

Dev Journal 1-15-2013

    A lot has happened since the last update. I’ve rewritten the lighting system to handle dynamic lights as can be seen below. I’m quickly approaching a point where the basic systems of the game are in place and I will be able to start just adding all the items and things that will…
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January 16, 2013 0

Dev Journal 10-18-2012

Just a quick update to highlight some of the new progress. The game is slowly starting to feel like more of a game! I have the first enemy put into the game and some basic AI to seek after the player. I rewrote the physics and intersection code in order for the AI to work…
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October 19, 2012 0

Project Update

Its been a couple of months since I wrote a project update and I thought I would include the latest developments. Its been a long last 2 months but a lot of progress has been made on the game and most of the basic systems have now been created. I am hoping to reach a…
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September 16, 2012 0

Dev Journal 7-1-2012

A lot of development has happened since the last post. I ended up taking on a lot of tasks outside the normal sprint. I decided to change the art style to look more complex than just a sequence of blocks. Overall, I think it will result in a better look for the final game. I…
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July 1, 2012 0

Project start

We’ve been making good progress on the game and we’ve made a solid base that we can progress and iterate on. I refactored the menus for the game and i’m much closer to what I think I want the main menu to look like. Most of the menu work isn’t very interesting so I’ve attacked the multiplayer…
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June 9, 2012 0