Dev Journal 7-1-2012

Dev Journal 7-1-2012

July 1, 2012 Developer Games Jedic Spoxel 0

A lot of development has happened since the last post. I ended up taking on a lot of tasks outside the normal sprint. I decided to change the art style to look more complex than just a sequence of blocks. Overall, I think it will result in a better look for the final game. I also spent a lot of time polishing other things such as the menu system and in game ui.

The focus of this sprint has really been the items and the player inventory. I have been creating items and the art assets for each type of item that exists in the game. I figure if I get the base types working than anything that I do after this should just be an extension of those base types. Some of those objects, however, require more architecture changes to accommodate and are taking longer as a result.

Items break down into 5 broad categories.

  • Armor items – Items that give you the base stats you use
  • Passive stat items – things like double jump or increased damage
  • Active skill items – items that require you to actively push a new button aka charge or blink
  • On Use items – things like swords that you place in your hotbar, select, and then click the mouse to use
  • Placeables – Items that you place on the terrain to build with

The progression system is almost entirely built on items instead of a level based system. This simplifies the advancement curve slightly and gives players more of an opportunity to define how they want to advance.

A alpha screenshot of the WIP inventory system

Development screen shot of the inventory and new art style

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