I’m dyeing to show you this

I’m dyeing to show you this

September 29, 2017 Alpha crafting Spoxel 0

Spoxel is all about customization and making cool stuff. To that end, I couldn’t possibly release the game without some way to customize the color of all your loot! So I’ve added dye tubs to the game which allow you to set the primary and secondary dye colors of weapons, armor, and other stuff. Why hit people with just a plain hold shark when you can hit them with an orange shark! Is a plain black top hat to boring for you? Well how does hot pink sound?

Almost every item can be dyed and many of them also will take a secondary dye so you can customize the look of the item or armor. Then I got to thinking… if dying armor and items is good… what about other blocks in the world?

So I took the next logical leap and created a paint brush! The paintbrush works a lot like the decorator hammer which allows you to change the shape of blocks. By selecting the paintbrush and hitting shift + right click it will open a menu which lets you pick a color. The color you pick determines the type of dye it uses. Then you can simply click on the block or right click to paint the block and wall respectively.

At some point I may expand this feature to add more colors, but this is the current set of dyes in the game as well. The paintbrush icon and model will actually change color depending on which color you have selected as well.

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