Dev Update

Dev Update

October 23, 2013 Developer Games Jedic Spoxel 0

I’ve been pretty busy between Life and working on Spoxel, but a lot of work has been done. I spent some time reworking my project plan so I can get a better idea of what I have left to work on so I can be a bit more efficient.

One of the biggest changes is that instead of a set world it is now infinite. This is a pretty big change but it should ultimately save some file space as well as give you much more room to explore and adventure in. This also makes it easier for one of the future editions which is to allow travel between different elemental planes. I have also reorganized the asset pipeline to make it more mod friendly. I switched to using an automatic texture atlas solution instead of just using a single image.

Most of the trinkets, which are effectively skills or utility spells, have had their base versions implemented. Each of these trinkets or skills is modifiable so they have different effects. For example, the stealth skill allows you to either focus on the ability to stealth and avoid players / mobs for longer or do more damage when you break stealth.

A partial change list is included below.

  • Infinite world(s)!
  • Reworks the voxel creation strategy so that it can handle blocks, triangles, half blocks, stairs. This will allow me to eventually allow blocks like dirt to look more natural than just square blocks.
  • Changed the pickaxe to allow the secondary attack to cycle blocks types (IE square -> triangle)
  • Reworked block system so you can define a texture for each face
  • Made changes to allow the re-coloration of the player model and armor (aka dyes)
  • Reworked character creation screen to let you pick character colors as well as skins
  • Reworked block light system so each block can be a source of light
  • Added Prayer beads which shields you from damage at the expense of your mana. This includes variations that improve the efficiency as well as damage or stun your attacker.
  • Added Ghost powder which allows you to stealth. This includes child variations which allow you to move while stealthed as well as increase your damage.
  • Added thunder trinket which stuns enemies around you with lighting
  • Added variations to the charge gem to allow you to focus on a single target or multiples.
  • Added living seed trinket which allows you to heal yourself
  • Added swords for each ore tier
  • Added a swing effect for the great swords secondary swing
  • Added 2 more tiers of great swords
  • Added TNT which explodes for a large amount of damage as well as landscape destruction
  • Fixed intersection tests for projectiles
  • Fixed intersection tests for enemy damage when they intersect with players
  • Added ground works for different teams
  • Added a skeleton wizard who casts fireballs
  • Changed Slime AI to now primarily move by jumping
  • Added a machine gun with additional particle effects
  • Added inventory checks to the server side to prevent items for being picked up when there is no inventory room
  • Added a magic missile wand which seeks after the closest enemy
  • Added a mining laser which destroys blocks
  • Added multiple different new materials
  • Changed the trees to look a lot nicer
  • Started reworking the UI to look nicer

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